The Gaelic Society will be back on Friday January 26th, when Tony Wall (above) will give a talk on:  'Looking from the outside: Vetting in Sutherland 1972 to 1996'.

This will be followed by 'The Naval Reserve in the Highlands and Islands' by Ben Thomas on February 16th and Dr Neil Clark on 'Tracking Dinosaurs on Scotland’s Jurassic Isle' on March 23rd.  All three talks will be in Eden Court.


About Us

The Gaelic Society of Inverness was established in 1871 for the purpose of “cultivating the language, poetry and music of the Scottish Highlands and generally furthering the interests of the Gaelic-speaking people”.

Currently, the Society arranges a programme of talks, publishes volumes of papers and organises a memorial service at Culloden, a showcase of Gaelic music and an annual bus trip and dinner, as well as participating in various campaigns.


Gaelic Society Syllabus 2017/18

The 2017/18 Syllabus can be accessed on this page (below) or by clicking here.      

Updated Indexes to TGSI vols. I-LXVII

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Culloden Service 2017

Right:  Part of the wreath-laying ceremony at the 2017 service.

For the Gaelic Society Chief's address at the Culloden Service in 2017, go to Culloden above..

2017/18 SYLLABUS