Access to the Library

The Gaelic Society Library is housed in the reference section of Inverness Library, Farraline Park, Inverness. Members of the Society can request access to the gallery where the Library is housed (using the Society’s syllabus card as evidence of membership) and may read books there or downstairs.

Members of the public who are not members of the Society can ask for copies of books to be brought to them in the main reference area. It is not possible to borrow books from the Gaelic Society Library but they may be accessed in other libraries through the inter-library loan scheme.

The Gaelic Society Library is covered in the main Highland Library catalogue. This can be searched by author’s name, book title or a keyword and can be accessed in the library or online at:

D.J. MacLeod, Hon. Librarian, has compiled an index of Archive materials which can be accessed available here: 

GSI archive – Tasglann CGI-1

For further information about the Society’s Gaelic Library contact:

D. J. MacLeod, Honorary Librarian, at

Library Classified Catalogue

The Society’s Honorary Librarian has compiled a classified catalogue of the books in the GSI Library which can be accessed here: 

GSI Gaelic library classified catalogue


The Gaelic Society Library contains around 2,500 items, mostly on topics related to Gaelic or the Highlands, including:

  • a wide range of books on local history, e.g. Peter English’s Glen Urquhart and Peter Youngson’s Jura;

  • works of mainstream history, from Tom Devine’s The Scottish Nation to specialised studies such as John Bannerman’s The Beatons;

  • historical source material, including the Society’s own Transactions

  • volumes of legends and lore such as the 1828 Annals of the Caledonians, Picts and Scots;

  • aspects of Highland culture, e.g. A Bibliography of Bagpipe Music;

  • the Gaelic language and other European minority languages;

  • obair nan seann bhàrd, a’ chiad nobhail Gàidhlig, diadhachd on 19amh linn agus beul-aithris mar Popular Tales of the West Highlands agus tuilleadh de leithid sin;

  • grunn chruinnichidhean, bho Sàr Obair chun An Tuil;

  • nobhailean, sgeulachdan, bàrdachd agus leabhraichean chloinne on latha an-diugh.